Concealed Weapons Training

The NRA Basics Of Pistol Shooting Course Is A Great Way For You To Learn The Basics Of Pistol Shooting,From Some Of The Top Firearms Training Experts In The World! The Course May Be Used For You To Obtain The Certification For Your Concealed Carry Permit In South Carolina.

About Your Instructor:

Chief-Director. Bryan O.Gilchrist is one of the Top Security Experts in the nation. With over 21 years of service and dedication to his skill set, Mr. Gilchrist has the past performance and education to show why he and his team are the best at what they do. Some of his areas of expertise are


  • Business Development
  • Political Strategies
  • Organizational Transformation
  • Drone Operations
  • Executive Protection
  • Details Security Assessments
  • Intelligence Gathering
  • Contracts Management
  • Business Consulting
  • Expert Negotiator
  • High Pressure Environments
  • Security Services


  • FEMA: Natural Disaster Response Certified
  • FEMA: Livestock Rescue
  • FEMA: National Incident Management System Certified (NIMS)
  • Hand to Hand Combat Certified
  • Executive Protection Professional (Vance International)
  • Weapons Certified
Gun Range

Learning Objectives

  • Essential Gun Safety Rules
  • Different Types Of Pistols And Which One Is Best For You
  • The Basics Of Ammunition
  • The Fundamentals Of Pistol Shooting
  • Different Shooting Positions
  • The Most Common Shooting Errors
  • Proper Gun Cleaning And Maintenance
  • How To Maintain Your Skills

SC Concealed Weapons Course
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SC Concealed Weapons Course
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SC Concealed Weapons Course
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